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Default Re: Lost velocity when going from CO2 to AIR ?

I put the ninja air tank on a Tip A7 running air that was chrono'd @ approx 280 and my tank also pushed out @ approx 280, so the regulator on my new Ninja tank is fine.

I think what happened was that I was running co2 on a hot day. My velocity adjuster was set at almost all out (counter clockwise) and when I switched to air, the rookie at the field chrono'd my gun and turned the velocity adjuster fully out and was nice enough to strip it also. I didn't know it was all out until I got home that day and took apart my adjuster to fix the stripped head. Now it's properly adjusted ( much further in than on co2... odd? ) and easily chrono'd @ 280 running Ninja air.

thanks for all the commented with helpful solutions !!!

I didn't want to give up on this MR1 because I bought it for $40 and I am taking out players left n right that are running with $500 + guns ! Semi auto only games of course. I am finding it very humorous and enjoying the twist. Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of getting hit, but i do pretty good damage before or if I am taken out with my $40 gun! I ran with a remote yesterday and found it much easier in the long haul and also very easy to make quick in n out moves on the speed course.

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