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Default Re: Lost velocity when going from CO2 to AIR ?

Simplest thing to try right now is to use it on someone else's gun to see if it still does the same thing. Find someone who already uses HPA and see if they chrono the same with both tanks. If there is still the decrease then follow the other steps that were mentioned here.

There is usually a decrease, at least was for me, when going from Co2 to HPA. Not a huge difference, but enough of one to be noticeable. Could be that it was pretty hot outside the last few weeks and Co2 is pretty temperature dependent. It gets hotter, Co2 shoots harder. Colder outside, and sometimes you can't even shoot your gun! HPA doesn't do that.

In short, I would try someone else's gun that was already set up for HPA, then if it does the same, you can watch the videos or take the gun and tank in to your shop to have them check it out. Or call Ninja.
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