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Default Re: Spyder Electra ACS help!

wow... have not replied for how long?.....

anyways, welcome to the forum.

let me ask a few questions:

are you using the battery supplied by Spyder? you do need to use the 9.6v battery for your marker to cycle the trigger properly.

do you have full tank of air/co2? if it is low, this can choke the marker which can cause it to malfunction.

also, are you dry firing (shooting with no paintballs) or firing paintballs? some times when you fire a paintball, it helps with cycling the marker (recocking) after you pull the trigger. no paintballs may not have enough back pressure to recock the marker.

if you took the marker apart, it is a slim possibility that you may have swapped springs or something else was installed incorrectly.

i do not believe that this model has a regulator.
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