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Default pilot '09 problems and questions

so I have a problem that's reeeealy been bothering me. Its when my bolt doesn't fully recock, it goes back hits the sear but doesn't go over it. Then I just pull it the rest of the way back and it works again. Its almost a full recock but not completely.

I think it could be that I don't have a macroline so not enough air is flowing through the steel braided hose. Or that my VA doesnt have that small chamber right under the barrel that helps collect air. I can't remember what its called. I have a brand new buna o-ring on my hammer so its not that. I'm very annoyed that I can't fix this. It happens when if ramp or trigger walk and on co2 or HPA (happens more on c02). Its really bothering me and I've seen spyders work flawlessly without this problem and I want mine to also.

Now for a question. This isnt a problem but I've been wondering what kind of regulator would work for this gun. I've seen the gen3 CPs and they go 100-800 PSI so obviously that is a good range. But will the older CPs work even though they only go up to 500 PSI? Because the older ones cost alot less. Whats a good reg for a spyder?
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