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Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post
So if anyone lives in Rochester, NY or in the one of the suburbs, you know of my pain. I can't stand having to drive these streets, constantly screwing up my suspension because the city is too lazy and takes far too long to fill holes that they dig, or holes that are caused by nature!

So for the past 7 days, there has been a hole, gradually growing, in the end of my driveway. I came home 7 days ago to find they dug up the grass and were digging next to our street drainage grate. I just assumed they would have it finished in a matter of days and it was covered by a metal slab of steel. I didn't think anything of it, until the hole started to grow. By day 3 the hole had another 4 feet towards my driveway cut out. Ok, fine, they're probably just going to fix the drainage and put it back. Day 5 the hole reaches across 75% of my ****ing driveway. This time, they un-covered the hole and put a piece of plywood across the drain.

[ig] _o.jpg[/img]

There is no number for me to call because the construction vehicles that were there were from the city and they had no idea who is doing the work. All they told me was, "the company that is doing the work will be by later today to fill up the hole with concrete." Well it's over 24 hours later and no one has come to fill the hole. So I'm expected to leave my car on the street where it could get ran into (if you know upstate NY drivers, you know most of them can't drive) or broken into. If it does, I'm going to the city and making them pay. I can't believe this.

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That's pretty bad man... Roads here aren't too bad.. But don't ever go to Chicago. In the suburbs, the roads are HORRIBLE. My brother ended up losing all his 'hubcaps' (little caps that sit atop the axle nut) in less than 3 months from driving around there.
Good times, good times.
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