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Default Re: Electra New Barrel

1. it is a good barrel? the one of the link.. you recommend me? if you have another better, show me I DONT CARE ABOUT THE MONEY i want a very nice barrel.

2. I was looking in these links: Dye Ultralite Barrel complete
Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel

and doesn't have the spyder threaded... ??

and i want a carbon fiber barrel... but if there are not for the electra Show me a link with the barrel that you recommend please and thanks.

3. boomstick, autococker, cocker and spyder are different threaded?? or some are the same???

Please answer me by number if you can thanks for helping im a newbe

Note: all the links are about Dye barrel cause I read a hear that are the best.. but if there are as good as dye please show me... dont care the money.
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