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Default question on FRAME

Hello people..seems to me for some reason, on other sites ppl dont respond quick when i have questions..i get reviews but noooo feed back. i must say u guys are VERY helpful with EVERY question i have, so i just keep coming back.

With that being said, i have another question lol. I finally had a good day on the fields with my ION, i asked u guys some basic questions to whats the reasoning to the chopping and i fixed it. I broke one paint out of the whole day. i turned the the speed down on the hopper and it worked like a charm.

NOW have a new problem..when i was cleaning it yesterday took everything apart to clean and lubed up and finally went to assemble, my front banjo doesnt screw in. i looked at the threads of the banjo and they look good but the threads to the other end arent. i tried re threading them but nothing. Now if i have no other way to fix..where can i get another ION Frame body? been looking online with no success..can you guys help out?
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