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Default Re: What cha Drivin

Well got it all setup.

Took about 4 1/2 hours to take off the stock unit and install the corsa, all solo with no help.

Anyways, on to pics:

Stock vs Corsa:

Should flow pretty decent lol:

X-pipe was similar to stock minus being stainless and having alittle bit more crossover section:

Stock vs corsa:

Instructions said to ditch the stock fake tips altogether but I thought it left the lower bumper alittle loose, so i seperated the outer mount and put it back on, much more rigid:

Back on:

And the corsa fully setup (oil spot are from POS floor jack, seal busted and leaked oil all over the place):

Video of first start up, neighbors dog went crazy so i cut it short, I'll get more with some accelerating in the next few days:


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