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Question Questions regarding the Sonix Pro

I know this gun is a cheap marker, but I really liked it's design and it was only $40.00 on Craigs List.

I have been looking to do the basic upgrades. Mainly a new feed neck and a expansion chamber. The problem I am having is that I have NO idea which feed neck will work. I keep seeing ones "with tabs" "without tabs" "version A" "version B". It's insane.

Will this work?

Or "version B"

I have always had a an expansion chamber on my guns, but read they are not ideal. Is this true, and if so please provide me with a better alternative with a link and explanation.

I also want to go with a bolt that will quiet the gun. I keep seeing the whisper bolt, but $45.00 for a bolt seems high.

Also, where can I find a thumb adjuster for this gun? It has the pull pin that needs to be removed to pull out the existing adjuster.

I have done countless hours trying to educate myself online by searches, I am done.

Thanks for any help!
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