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Default Re: Vs2 and Vs3 issues

Thanks for trying to help me. Please be patience with me for I'm a newbie and trying my best to describe the problem.

I've never shot any paint with the VS2 (brand new) before, but I can't say for the Vs3 (used). The only time I heard these markers firing were during testing. I can hear the bolt rocking back and forth but w/o a barrel in it. It pretty much just shot air.

I did not leave the tank in the marker overnight. I aired up w/ a new compressed tank and tried it, but nothing came out. I can definitely hear tiny clicks when pressing the trigger when the power is on. The safety is definitely off (green light). Batteries are new and fully charged.

So you think there might be air left in the gun hence the reason why the gauge looking like that? So you think I should put some air in it and try again? Ever since the leaked, the markers have been sitting in my closet. I haven't tried to air it or anything. Also, I've never oiled them up yet because I thought they were fairly new. I'll give that try and see

Thanks again for your time!!
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