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Default Re: Vs2 and Vs3 issues

Thank you for your input. I think I might have misinformed you. The gun air pressure gauge remained at 150 psi when there is no tank attached. Both of the markers won't fire when I aired it up. I have no idea what is wrong with them. The Vs2 is brand new too.

The only time it ever fired was when I asked a guy to check it up to make sure it work the day before I went out. He aired it up and fired w/o paint ball or barrel just to test it for me. The next day, it had a leak and could not get it to fire at all ever since.

I'm thinking I need to replace the air gauge since it stayed at 150psi w/o tank attached. I also wonder if a CP regulator adapter would do me any good? Please let me know. Thanks again for your time!!!

I was really looking forward to use them too bc they look so nice, but was disappointed
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