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Default Re: Vs2 and Vs3 issues

Where they Chronoed? If it's leaking from the Asa, you can slide them right off and see if theres a problem. The Vs2 is new 150 psi on the gauge shouldn't be enough pressure. I know when I bought my Vs3 new, I had to turn it up to 210, intill I put about 4 cases into it. Then I could turn it down to 150. The screw on the Asa is to turn up the pressure.
If the Asa is leaking it's self, and you have put new o-rings in it, and put some oil in it. You have can buy a new Asa or send the marker to Kingman.
You can always call Kingman up and see if they can resolve the problem over the phone.
The markers should work just fine regards less if the barrel is on or off. Did you try to shoot them again without the barrel?
The Vs2 will work with Co2 or Hpa, the Vs3 should only be used with Hpa.
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