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Default Vs2 and Vs3 issues

Hi, I'm new to this forum and paintball in general. I recently purchased 2 spyders (Vs 2 new n Vs3 used). I took it to test before heading out and it was shooting fine w/o a barrel. Once I took it to the field both malfunction on me. Both seem to have a leak by the Asa on/off reg. I got them to open it up and replace some o ring there.

Even then, they both still didn't shoot. Thus time the air pressure is all messed up on both guns. W/o the tank, both gauge stayed at 150psi. I was wondering if it's bc I use compressed and not CO2. I'm really confused as to why the brand new one didn't work. Maybe they need to be lube up before play?

Can someone help me please?? Atleast point me to the right direction. They look too nice to be getting rid of. Thank you for your time
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