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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
ok guys. a few weeks after i got my truck i took it in to the dealership because they were replacing the cracked bumper for free. well today i got home from work, look at the bumper, and think to myself, "i swear there was a block heater plug sticking out the bumper before!" i pull up a pic that i took the day i brought the truck home, ans sure enough, the plug is wrapped around the driver's side tow hook. i jump on AIM and start talking to oldironmudder, and we go over where the core plug should be and what to check for. being that my truck sits too low to the ground, its hard for me to crawl underneath it and find the core plug. i DO notice a cord on the frame that has been cut though, but i cant follow it back enough to find out where it leads. the cord looks like a regular non-insulated indoor extension cord (and like all block heaters that ive seen. this cord for reference). thing is, its sitting in the middle of the frame, about 6" behind the radiator, and it was still sitting in the hose clip, so theres NO WAY it was an accidental cut. guess ill have to take it in to the dealership tomorrow and talk them into replacing it. heres a bad pic for reference. took this when i first saw it, didnt take a pic from above:
Pffff, diesel engines.. What a pain. Or is it gas.. But would a block heater really be necessary.. But that sucks Any updates?
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