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Default Re: Multi-Player XBox 360 Games

Originally Posted by WhatThaSmurf View Post
Most racing games have splitscreen. Forza 3 does, I've played it many times. And honestly Forza is the new GT in my opinion. I always loved the GT series on PS2, but Forza has stolen the spotlight, especially with Forza 4 coming up it might be good to get used to the slightly different style offered by Forza before its release. And I guarantee that if you pick up Forza 3, you will stumble into car customization and lose hours of your life designing your own custom decals and paint jobs.
I disagree with this for one main reason. Two different platforms. They aren't really competing with each other since they are on two different systems. I will say this, though, GT5 is damn good. Forza 3 is also damn good. I think that Gran Turismo is still more versatile with it's different racing series' adaptations. However, I have not really read much about F4, and think that the Kinect integration is pretty neat, and smooth.

This + the race I went to this weekend makes me want to play Forza 3 right now..
Good times, good times.
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