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Default Re: Multi-Player XBox 360 Games

Hmm, finally something I can get down on, video games.

You say you liked Borderlands and Black Ops. Well there really isn't anything like Borderlands. Brink was supposed to be, but fell short. I know people who like it, but they openly admit it is a bad game even if they can have some fun. I've already sold it. But since Brink fell through, RAGE is the next game of that co-op nature on the horizon. I'd suggest Battlefield: Bad Company 2, at least until Battlefield 3 comes out. The Battlefield is the first thing that stands a great chance of bumping CoD out of the top spot for multiplayer shooters.

Portal 2 is a very fun co-op experience, but honestly the single player is so much better I have a hard time with co-op in that game.

Most racing games have splitscreen. Forza 3 does, I've played it many times. And honestly Forza is the new GT in my opinion. I always loved the GT series on PS2, but Forza has stolen the spotlight, especially with Forza 4 coming up it might be good to get used to the slightly different style offered by Forza before its release. And I guarantee that if you pick up Forza 3, you will stumble into car customization and lose hours of your life designing your own custom decals and paint jobs.

Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur 4 for fighters, but both are absolutely infuriating for random online matches. The people who prowl fighters are always annoying good, so if you have friends to play locally or online with, that is far more fun.

There is always Halo. Honestly, it is a 50/50 shot if you would like Halo 3 or Reach more, but both are certainly good games.

Crysis 2 offers some fun multiplayer as well, but no co-op. I would go with Bad Company 2 before Crysis though.
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