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Default Re: Whats going on..

I have an empire barrel kit up for sale in the bst forum on here if your interested it is spyder threaded and has 3 backs (.687,.689,.691)and a front really good for my spyders that I used it on. Anyways if you want go look at it and if interested PM me. As for upgrades its basically a bolt, barrel, reg, and maybe a new board. Like Bamf said go play with it and see where you and the gun are lacking before shelling out hundreds of dollars on needless things you might not need. First upgrades would be barrel, and hopper then go from there on the rest. I started out playing with the old school brass eagle pump, then worked my way up from there! If I had my way all new shooters would have to start there to hone their skills and make great ballers out of you guys so you would really know what its like to make everything about the game great!!
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