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Default Can't remove striker bolt in 11 Electra

So I just purchased this gun about 2 weeks ago and had it out for a tournament on the weekend. Worked great accept that the delrin bolt somehow popped out of the striker while playing and then rotated on me so that I had to completely dissasemble the gun so that I could turn the striker so the round port was facing back up to accept the pin from the delrin bolt. Other than that, the gun performed great and I was really impressed with it.

After the tournament, I was taking the marker all apart to lube up all the o-rings (accept for the ones in the reg) and clean any paint out of the marker but I can't seem to get the striker bolt to slide out of the back of the marker.

I even removed the grip/trigger assembly from the marker so that the sear would not catch on the striker or damage the striker o-ring. The striker slides easily back and forth but gets lodged every time just before the rear end of the striker bolt reaches the threads where the striker plug screws in. It then takes quite a bit of force to push the striker bolt back forward and I couldn't push the striker out the rear of the marker as I didn't want to damage the front part of the striker bolt by prying on it with a screw driver.

With the striker bolt ahead of the threads and moving loosely in the marker, I ran my finger past the threads at the rear of the marker and did not feel any burrs or edges that striker could be getting hung up on. I'm at a bit of a loss to explain why the striker keeps getting stuck but it almost seems like the striker has a larger diameter than the final 1" it has to slide out through at the rear of the marker.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm up in Canada so I'd prefer not to ship this marker back to Kingman as it would almost be cheaper for me to buy a brand new marker than pay shipping to and from Kingman in the USA.

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