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LandingJune 6th, 1944.

More than 5,000 ships cut through the water towards Hitler’s Fortress Europe in the early morning hours as Allied airborne drop in behind enemy lines, heralding the start of The Longest Day. Sitting squarely on their shoulders are the “hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere.”

Clustered along the 50 miles of Normandy coastline, German defenses sit like a coiled spring, tensely awaiting their opportunity to hurl any would-be invaders back into the sea. Soon the ramps on the Allied landing craft will open with a groan and thousands of men will stream out, rushing through the din of explosions and acrid smoke towards an uncertain fate with steadfast determination. All of Europe and the free world’s future hangs on this moment.

On May 28th, join Synergy Paintball and 1st Strike Productions for The Longest Day. This scenario will place the leaders of each team in full control of the direction of the event, from what territories to assault and defend to what types of missions to send their troops on. Ultimately organization, leadership and teamwork will win the day.

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