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Default Re: possible battery, hopefully not board issue.

i went to a local battery place and they didn't have a "9.6v" rechargeable. they said they dont exist, so yea im going to try a fresh 9v and go from there. the guys at the battery place were looking at my gun and we concluded that it could have been the solenoid not hitting all the way. which i believe is because i'm not getting enough power out of the battery. i also replaced the spring on the (idk what it's called but the spring for the release when you pull the trigger) and in doing that the solenoid appears to be hitting all the way, but that is before you put any pressure on it. when i cock it back it has too much tension to release the bolt, having replaced the spring it appears it is close to operational, so whenever i get a new battery in it im hoping that will solve the problem.
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