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Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
The Challenger is the worse of the three new muscle cars.
All depends on what your basing it off of. If you go strictly off numbers down to points of sec ya sure its not the best but in real world everyday driving its honestly a very small gap.

I have driven them all before, my thoughts:

Starting with camaro:
1. you can't see **** while inside
2. its butt ugly
3. seat it mounted way to low
4. you can't see **** while inside
5. Every middle aged d-bag around here has one

Mustang 5.0:
1. its the fastest
2. interior is meh, rather cheap in appearance and feel
3. trunk space is retardly small
4. back seat is LOL
5. every 16 year old girl has a V6 model

1. Look the best by far IMO
2. Size is way more practical for a daily driver
3. back seat is actually big enough to fit normal size people in
4. Trunk space is amazing huge
5. dealer bumps warranty to lifetime for original owner making it the best offer by far

As for trusting tranny, I won't really have to worry about that since I would be going with the new 6 speed manual.

CTSV is not my thing and BMW dealer refuses to certify the M3 also so thats not going to happen. I refuse to buy BMW without warranty, parts are way to expensive. Same reason i walked on 650. Only reason i wanted 135i was that it was priced right and was coming with warranty that was still good for 4 years/100K miles.

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