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Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
See, the problem with that is you started out with a BMW , compared to that, most everything else is going to seem slow and crappy. 650 coupes have got to be one of my favorite cars in general

I don't think the problem was BMW I think it was the fact that it was a 650 coupe, starting with a car that retailed for 90K was probably not the smartest choice.

I will say challenger had alot more "neck snapping" power. You could feel the power on the challenger no matter what speed you were starting from, while the 650 was more of a smooth accel. Unless I find something else I really like I should be coming home with a new '11 Challenger hopefully sometime next week.

Right now I am just waiting on insurance check.

I still need to stop by and look at WRX and 5.0 again though, but right now I am in love with the challengers size. Coupe but yet it still has enough room to fit all my pb **** in the truck without a problem. Plus its the best looking out of the big three muscle cars IMO. They used to be priced crazy high so I always wrote them off.

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