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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
Day one of shopping is complete.

Started out with disappointment, 135i was sold by the time i got there. They did have a 650 coupe for REALLY nice price so sells guy grabbed the keys. I was driving it semi hard and then the sells guy says, put it in sport mode and punch it. Got up to 110 mph before I even knew it. Car was simply AMAZING!!!!!! I was set to buy until he started going through papers and realized it was going to come with certified warranty. He actually said flat out, "you don't want this car, without warranty it is VERY expensive to fix"

Next came G37 s model. All i can say is CRAP. Underpowered for claimed specs and road like complete ****, you could feel everysingle imperfection in the road, not to mention the seats were really hard and very uncomfortable.

Next headed over to dodge to check out '11 charger, its ok but kind of felt like a grandma wagon on the inside. Ended up falling in love with the '11 Challenger R/T. Its at the very top of list now.
See, the problem with that is you started out with a BMW , compared to that, most everything else is going to seem slow and crappy. 650 coupes have got to be one of my favorite cars in general
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