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Default Re: Todays World of Web Browsing

Originally Posted by vikingshadow View Post
See, I don't get that at all about IE. I never have a problem with it - it looks fine to me, it does what I want it to do, and personally, most work places Ive been in say that they use it, not just because it came with windows, but because it works fine enough for what is necessary at the workplace. Granted, none of them were IT, but it really does what it needs to do, so I don't understand the hate. Personally, I do like FF better for some reason, but I don't get how IE is so bad.

Oh well. No harm, no foul!
Yeah Vike, I've never really had a problem with IE either. although now that I'm used to chrome, I like it a lot better. IE seems so slow now.
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