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Arrow Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?

If it's exactly what's shown on the link you left, that is the VS version Tadao upgrade. There is another for the Pilot and Electra but the jumper is on the underside of the board -

Apparently you're missing the first step. You must turn the tourney lock off before you can program any of the modes or debounce. You must do this when the power button is OFF, not on. Mode lock button is just to the right of the microprocessor chip. Once it's green it is off. After then is when you you hold the MODE button and press ON. Then you can program it and the LED will be purple when doing so -

Really don't have the time to type you out a tutorial. Everything is in the manual. You do have one correct? Just think you need to read and consume the instructions better. Good luck -
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