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Default Re: How do I know what TADAO board is in my marker?

No it's definitely a Tadao board. The circuit board is red and the backside says Tadao. The "rods" for the push buttons are black not red like I ve seen on similar boards. The jumper is in place. It looks just like this one. ...

Here's how it operates:
From OFF:
_If you hold the MODE button and press ON the LED flashes-Red, green, yellow, red ,yellow, solid red

From OFF:
-Push on= rapid green flashes, then solid red
-LED is solid Red, pushing the MODE button does nothing.
-LED is solid Red, pushing POWER button turns LED solid Green.
-LED is solid green ,pulling trigger activates solenoid, and LED flashes yellowish.
- cocking the marker causes the LED to flash green, pulling trigger again there is no action of the solenoid.
-LED is flashing green, sticking finger between eyes causes LED to go solid green.
_LED is flashing green, press/hold MODE, LED flashes red
-LED flashing red, trigger is active when pushed.
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