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Default Re: Kingman Training Chaser

I got mine a few days ago to. The one thing I was kind of disappointed with was the fact there was only a single magazine Guess I will have to find out where to buy more.

I have only shot one 12 gram through it so far but I got about 30-40 shots off of it.

I have had two balls break in the magazine, not sure if its a problem with the gun itself or if the paint is just bad and to brittle.

I will say the paint marks really nicely for how small it is, I took one in the arm from about ten feet out just to see what it was like compared to a normal .68 cal (taken from cell phone, yes i am really that lazy to not get my dslr):

Mark it left:

I keep hearing how smaller cal. paint doesn't hurt as much but I would say its pretty much on the same level as normal .68.....of course this is going off assuming the chaser is at the right FPS.

And here is a .68 vs .43:


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