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Default Re: Kingman Training Chaser

The magazine is really cool. Back before I quit playing, there was only one company making a clip for a paintball marker and at the time it really wasn’t that great. Now, I see that this isn’t that uncommon anymore. The Chaser clip slides in and out easily, has no wiggle in the slot and loads relatively easy. (I was worried that if I pushed it in too hard during the heat of a game, it might break a ball or two and a quick look through the manual also voiced that concern so be careful!) The clip has a magnet at the bottom that pushes the magazine out of the gun quickly (think trigger magnets here) which is a good addition. Again, in the interest of fairness, on the negative side, the only issue I have here is that the clip only holds 9 shots. I haven’t done any research, but I believe that the 9 shot capacity is the only magazine available for the gun? However, I do believe that extra magazines can be purchased so if you don’t mind going that route, then it’s no problem.

I decided to tear the gun down a little to see what its like. I didn’t do it all the way – the manual makes it seems a bit intimidating so I’m going to wait until I have a bit more time. But, a nice thing Kingman has done is make it possible to remove the bolt just by inserting an Allen wrench (or other small object) into the back of the gun and turn a knob on the hammer up, making it possible to tap the bolt out for quick cleaning if necessary. Looking down the barrel, it’s very smooth and the gun has TWO detents! Yay for Kingman on this one! (Maybe they do this with all their guns now? I don’t know…) Anyway, they seem to be Timmy style detents, but a bit smaller. I actually prefer ball type detents but we’ll see how these are. Give Kingman a couple more points for these! (I’ll get pictures up for this soon…)

I put in one of the 12 grams in and dry fired it to see how many shots it would get (as everyone knows, this won’t give an accurate count but it should be a bit lower than what you would normally get.) WOW! 64 shots off a single cartridge. Now, given that maybe 8-10 of those shots will be lower velocity due to pressure change at the end, that’s still a heck of a lot of shots! Guess Kingman’s claim that it can get 70 shots a cartridge is pretty accurate. Nice going Kingman! I can’t get that much with my Phantom!

So now for the testing…I loaded up and took the gun to my backyard shooting range. I sorta regreted this since after about 3 years, the grass is finally starting to come back in and that part of my fence is finally starting to look right again. Oh well, so much for that! Note – I have not chronographed this gun yet. I don’t know for sure where my radar is, and don’t feel like looking for it at the moment so I was testing this gun as it came straight from where ever it came from…

The first shot was pretty good – hit relatively close to where I was aiming from about 50 feet away. The paint flew pretty true – no curves, dips or flyaways as I expected from a gun possibly shooting hot. According to the manual, it has an range of 120 feet and an effective range of 60 - plenty of distance in this puppy! 50 feet was a decent enough test. Two things I noticed right away – the sound and the kick. ZERO kick. I mean, as in none. Guess that is to be expected with a small caliber marker like this. Then, the sound signature on this thing is QUIET. You could easily keep concealed with this. Perfect for playing indoors somewhere and even better outside. So add a couple points here!

The real problems came on the second and third shots. The paint just blew up in the barrel of the gun. Diagnosing this, I figure it could be any one of three things. 1. I’m shooting very hot (haven’t chrono’d, remember?); 2. The paint is just too old or too brittle; or 3. The detents are breaking it. I also thought that maybe it just hasn’t had time to break in yet. In all actuality, it could be anything at the moment. So, I shot through the clip to see if the barrel would clear itself. To a point, I believe it did a little. A couple of the next few shots were pretty true, but the rest just did the dancing thing paint does. So, I pulled the bolt, ran the squeegee through it and dropped the clip for the next one.

This brought up the next issue I have. There was actually paint on the clip itself. Just like when you chop paint in a regular marker and loader, the broken paint had worked itself into the “loader” of this gun. Not all the way down, but far enough to make it a concern of mine. Since, according the manual, you basically have to tear the gun down to clean it that far, that would be a problem in the field. Now, I’m not sure a regular swab squeegee pushed up the clip would actually fit, so maybe that’s something that could be invented in the near future? Something to at least get most of the paint out of there so you can continue to play would be nice.

Anyway, I cleaned the mess up, then went out to shoot again. Same issue. This gun is a FAST gun, but the clip just doesn’t feed fast enough to shoot fast. Eventually, I’ll chrono it and see if it’s the speed, but I hope that’s the only thing wrong with it!

Overall impressions: I like this thing. It’s fun! Since I don’t play paintball/tournaments anymore, I could see putting on the woodland camo again and going out to play some with this strapped on in a scenario type game. More testing needs to be done, but overall, it’s not that bad of a gun.

Ratings based on a 1-5 scale, 1 being horrible, 5 being the best ever.

Size – 3.5 (small hands will find this uncomfortable.)
Weight – 4.5
Looks – 4.8 (minor cosmetic things that don’t really matter)
Ease of use – 5
Accuracy (counting the shots before the breakage) – 4.5
Cleaning (basic) – 4.5
Cleaning (complete) – unchecked at this moment, but from the manual, maybe a 3-3.5
Cool factor – 5

Final comments - this is a cool little marker. Would I use it play a game with? Sure! A tournament? If everyone else were using pistols, you bet. Or just plinking around in the yard, for sure. However, with the amount of paint in the balls, I doubt it would stay fair for long as the size prohibits noticing any hits possibly. Definitely want to give it a go - I play (or rather, played) pump at the end of my "career" so I don't see using one of these as a hindrance.
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