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Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen. Hands down. Also Blue Moon. Both are somewhat cloudy, and full of flavor.

Thanks for the well wishes, guys. Right now we are looking at October of next year for the ceremony. If you would like an invitation, PM me your address. You will have to RSVP either way or else I will be a dead man...

Vike, I've been living with her for a couple years now so I THINK I have her down as much as I can going into it. I know that she is a tricky one, so I will have to pick up date nights again. She likes to drag her mom along when I just plan for the two of us, which I am fine with, but I know she wants to share nights together sometimes. We both work swing so time during the week for anything is pretty gone, and I have to work on Sundays. Just one of life's annoying traits.

I also got a new schedule, four 10hr days and three days off per week. Not so bad, IMO, but its Sunday through Wednesday.
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