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Congratulations! Now the fun really begins!

Two pieces of advice my mom gave me right before I got married 22 years ago: 1. Find out which way she likes the toilet paper on the holder (and always replace it, using her method) and 2. Find out which way she squeezes the toothpaste (and squeeze it the same way.) Was true then as it is now...

My dad's advice, though I never listened until recently realizing how right he really was all those years - Romance the hell out of her as often as you can and daily, if possible. Meaning hugs, kisses, hand holding, etc. Little things. Contrary to how we feel, it IS up to us men to keep that going... don't wait for the woman to do it, cause in her mind she's doing it every minute of every day.

Vike's advice (based on 22 years of experience) - 1. Realize that the house is no longer yours. EVERY room inside will be decorated the way she likes it (even if she says if you want to decorate you can, don't believe her - it's a trap!) Just help her decorate the way she wants and just smile when your buddies give you crap about it.

1a. The only SAFE room for you to decorate the way you want is your garage, shed and/or basement (garage is filthy, they don't like and basement is icky and they don't like. Shed is just too far away and "outside" so it doesn't count to women.)

1b. You can never clean good enough for a woman. Period. No matter how hard you try, they will still come in and follow behind you with a dust rag, vacuum, or whatever to clean after you have "cleaned". It's just how they're wired - BUT, don't use it as an excuse not to clean or your ass is in trouble, haha!

2. Even though you are married, find time to "date" her. Take her out at least a couple times a month. And NOT to Wal-Mart, LOL!

Excellent news, and congrats again!
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