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Default Re: Modified kingman pistols

Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
There's not really much you can do, nor need to do to improve these pistollivers. Only thing I might want to do is add an illuminated tritium or at least a white or dayglo dotted front sight element and something like a Hogue Handall rubber grip sleeve. There might even be room for a mechanical trigger job and a way to improve the detent system-
Thanks for the input I actually have a hogue handall here I was going to use for another project, I tried it on the kingman and it just does not look right IMO I like the style of it though and may end up grinding it and fabricating that style of grip into the pistol. Thanks for the illuminated sight idea would have never given that any thought but I might look into cleaning up the sights with something like that.

Changing the co2 is only something I generally do after the game as this is only my backup sidearm. As its .43 I find the kingman is perfect for this and prefer it to my other pistols.

Reading back on the earlier post got me thinking about my main paintball marker, if you think modding my pistol would give me grief.
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