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Default Low Pressure set-ups, what works? What should I avoid?

I am not trying to break any records for the Spyder with the lowest PSI ever. In fact, I am simply trying to find a system that is geared towards consistency and efficiency. I am thinking something along the lines of a new Victor with a NDZ valve and a spring kit with a Ninja HPA tank. I want the Ninja because I can rebuild/adjust the regulator pressure. If I can get the marker hitting 300 fps, at around 400-450 psi, that would be super. Any advice for how to go about this? I am not interested in getting a higher end Spyder. I do not want an E-grip, and do not care about high rates of fire. I understand that people can experience a lot of gas vented up the feedneck and you need a force-feed hopper for high rates of fire. I like mechanical markers, and I mostly play woodsball, so I am not too worried about the lack of a low pressure chamber. I am trying to avoid having to buy an inline regulator right off the back, because I can adjust the tank's output so low. I know the Stabilizer is the best for what I want, but I want to buy the Freak Jr kit first. Consistency and accuracy are what I am going for. Any tips or tricks, or what has worked for you, would be greatly appreciated.
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