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Originally Posted by Hoppy11 View Post
That may be the case leed, but even if that is true. To be able to keep his flexibility and balance is still very impressive.

Originally Posted by UKwithPride View Post
Someone told me to go fly a kite, so I took it literally.
Learn to fly a double string, they're lots of fun! You can do dive bombs into people you hate too, haha.

Originally Posted by Hoppy11 View Post
I bought laundry detergent and a 12 pack on the way home from work today and at the check out counter the lady was like now don't get too crazy tonight... It's pretty bad when a 40+ year old lady who is working at CVS makes fun of you.
I hope no one has tried detergent and alcohol together.. but knowing people out there..
Good times, good times.
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