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What is it that keeps drawing me back to buying a Spyder when I can buy any other gun of my choice?!?
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Post ***Spyder VS3 and other things***

Hey guys, haven't sold anything on here in a little while! But I have some odds and ends up for offers!

Spyder VS3: SOLD

Stock VS series front block, LPC and gas through grip. Gauge = busted $15

Trinity Spyder Front Block- RED: (NOTE: Does not fit VS series) $23 Shipped & Paypal'd
Brand NEW, bought it for a project, don't need it anymore.

PsychoBallistics Drop with ON/OFF ASA: $15 Shipped & Paypal'd

Ye Ol' 30 GIG Zune: $70 Shipped & Paypal'd

30 GIG's of storage
Very lightly used
No screen cracks or issues
Comes with original box
Also comes with Zune Cable

Thanks for looking! All offers and TRADES welcome!

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