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Default Re: Whats going on..

@ bamf-hacker- haha i know what u mean, the first time i've played i had rental goggles, after that i said F-that i'm getting my own. So i think the FIRST purchase if your getting into paintball is a good quality pair of goggles. My first time playing and i was doing more cleaning the lens then shooting ppl soo i already pass the goggles stage, just was looking for a good starter marker and i heard the pilot wasn't a bad marker to start with. Ive shot with it last weekend, not bad..only problems was that some of the screws got lose on the marker and i wasn't able to fire unless i held the bottom and top of the marker tight..but that was quickly fixed. Had some paintball chop but that was due to crap paintball, they were mostly dented and soft. buddies tried to take the cheap route.

but i like this marker for being my first one, just wanted to do some upgrades, cause i just dont like things to be stock..
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