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Default Re: Whats going on..

@ talon- can u provide me with links to the things you are saying? (clamping feed neck, jj barrel, freak etc

@ thedarkshadow- thanks for the links, umm for the barrel i saw that there is 3 options for it, how would i know which is what for the pilot? and for tank covers can i just get any other brand tank cover? i read about the ninja cover that it sucks cause the zipper splits, so i was looking for maybe something that just goes on like a glove..u know what i mean?

@ dragon- thanks for your opinions, but lol i dont think im going to spend on another marker..well at least not now, just want to do what i can with this marker and call it a day..but thanks again, maybe one day ill take that into consideration and purchase a better marker overall =)

2 all..everyone has been great help, see some options and routes i can take, ill post again what my final outcome..maybe it will be all or none ..haha who knows..

but thanks again, you been a great help.
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