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Originally Posted by New.Shooter View Post
@ dragon- so your saying the hush bolt doesnt do anything? no difference from the stock bolt to hush?

Now question for both, if u were looking to maximize the **** out of this marker lol, like make every penny worth it...what would u do? i know hopper would be one and barrel..would there be anything else?
I bit misconstrued. I meant what I said, I have not heard from anyone but the manufacturer that the Hush Bolt actually adds any velocity or makes any improvements from the stock configuration. May be that it's a bit pricy and a newer to the market product. The one I mention has been around for a while, modestly priced and I see alot of people suggesting it as a decent upgrade -

If you wanted to max that marker out, I would suggest just getting an Electra which beside the barrel, is an upgraded version of the Pilot from the box. You could spend $100+ on upgrades or spend $100+ on an Electra -
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