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Default Re: Whats going on..

Welcome to the forums. The hush bolt is a good upgrade if you really want to spend the money. what comes on the pilot is basically just an expansion chamber. you can upgrade to a regulator but since you are pretty new I wouldnt buy one until you fully understand what it does and how it functions etc. a regulator regulates the air going into the marker but it's not just something you throw on and call it good. you should do some research on how it changes the performance of your gun. and really that goes for all upgrades on your marker.

Drop forwards just change the position of your tank and really arent needed. it's just a preference.

If youre going to put money into your marker i'd suggest an after market barrel but i wouldnt go above 16 inches. unlike firearms, you dont want a really long barrel, long barrels a cumbersome and just a waste of air. and honestly i'd shell out more cash for a hopper, you can only shoot as fast as your hopper feeds. you dont have to drop $150 on one, any mid level hopper will be fine
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