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Default Whats going on..

Whats up , as you may know...I'm new hence .. "New.Shooter" haha..

Any way, i just got my first paintball marker/gun..i have a Sypder Pilot not sure if its a 09,10,11..doesnt say or i'm just that new to this that i dont see it. Well any way, I'm looking to upgrade..i saw that there is a new hush bolt that adds 50-54+ on your marker..i may be getting that.. but i was also looking to do something with the stock regulator/grip if that's what its called, was looking for something different. I've seen on markers that people have a drop forward piece, i was wondering what is the exact purpose of that besides giving ur marker a unique look.

But yea, those are my questions that i have. I apologize ahead of time if this topic is getting old but i just didn't see the answers that I'm looking for. If you are kind, direct me with some links or products that i can use on my would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case u were wondering what i have:

Sypder Pilot (Black)
Ninja 68ci 4500 HPA
Proto-Primo Hopper( i know this isnt the best hopper but, i read good reviews on it)

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