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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
Ok I went to the auto show on friday and narrowed my choices.

First off my surprise top favorite was the 2011 jeep wrangler unlimited, new interior just seemed to fit me perfect in layout and the new leather seats were extremely comfy. Total downer was the 15mpg, thats worse then my truck so thats not going to happen. Really bad part is the rep told me Europe wrangler got a CRD diesel engine that has more power and gets 30mpg

Cars I am now considering:
-BMW 128i (used, 1 or 2 years old)
-2011 WRX wagon (new)
-infiniti G37 coupe (used, 1 or 2 years old)

Went to look at a C5 vette and decided it just wasn't going to work as far as room.

I also found a 2004 Roush stage 3 mustang, truely direct from factory not bolt on crap. Supercharged V8 paired with a manual w/short throw shifter and roush suspension and brakes would be a very fun car. Once again, overall room is going to be the problem. I got a test drive setup for wednesday so we will see how that goes.

If mustang doesn't work I am leaning heavily towards to WRX.
have you made any decision yet on what youre going to get next?
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