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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
VW people are interesting and it takes patients to deal with them because:

1. Lifetime transmissions
2. They fall apart

How do either of those make VW people interesting and require patients to deal with?
Patience, my friend! :P

Originally Posted by UKwithPride View Post
VW drivers are some of the coolest people I've ever met, right along side Volvo drivers.
Around here, in my experience, Older Volvo drivers (older car, that is) tend to be annoying kids who think they're the bees knees who drive like madmen, and newer Volvo drivers tend to be either young girls who or fratters-who-chase-me-down-in-their-fathers-purchased-Volvo-on-my-bicycle-for-flicking-them-off-for-almost-running-over-a-kid-and-his-father-and-then-telling-me-to-shut-up-after-he-started-yelling-at-me. And then there's Dan. What can we say about him, as a Volvo driver... <3

As for VW drivers. Like any other car (including Volvo's) there are all sections of the spectrum occupied. However, the worst drivers tend to be those in the big-ass trucks and the cars/SUV's with big ass shiny rims and tinted windows.

I like VW's and Volvo's, but I've never owned them, only driven them (Volvo more than VW). And a good friend of mine hates VW's because he had a GTI once that ended up being the biggest PITA.

I just don't like cars right now because gas costs so much.
Good times, good times.
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