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Default Old time player, selling Spyder gear for cheap! Barrel, Trigger, Egg2 hopper

I was born a Kingman and died a Pump player. My CCM ss25 was stolen long ago and all this went into storage. I'm cleaning up so I need this gone!

Slasher trigger 9$ shipped

egg2 15 shipped.

Custom Products 2 piece 12" barrel. (top 2 pieces, shiney black, and nickel) .389 (stock barrel size)

17$ shipped

CCM vertical stock feed

15$ shipped

For kicks, my old babies.

Email me @ please. Can provide ebay feedback. forgot my Pbnation/pbreview/old kingman account emails, but i had 100%. Edit: found pbnation feedback.
CCM ss25 1 2

Custom BLM 1 2

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