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Default Re: mr2 ball chopping

Originally Posted by EL_BUS View Post
I have the ACS. The hopper is a viewloader, when it chops it sends paint back into the hopper and clogs it
The ACS bolt is one of the problems. I got rid of mine soon as I shot my MR2 and found all the problems it caused. Another is you may just need new detents. That is usually the #1 problem when chopping occurs. Another is the 25bps cap on the MR2 board. Without eyes, that is a rediculous ROF cap for that board even with a high ROF hopper.

Ultimately once I changed the bolt and added a lower ROF board to my MR2, the chopping probs went away for good. There are tutorials in my tech section for the MR markers you might be enlightened by to help ease your problems.
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