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Default Re: DANGER - bottle bombs - Public service warning

Ok let me step in here...

First of all, everyone is entitled to there own opinion here and nobody should be "attacked" because their opinion differs from yours (to a certain extent, if you were posting Nazi type messages, while I wouldn't attack you, you would not be welcome to share your opinion here).

Now to the heart of this matter/thread. Arias, 2 or 3 or a billion dollar prank, if someone other than the person who created the bomb gets hurt, it is wrong and illegal. We do not condone illegal activities in any way, shape or form on this website. If you want to build these bombs and set them off away from civilization for your own entertainment, by all means do so, as long as it is LEGAL. As far as I know, bomb building of any type, regardless of use, is ILLEGAL, in the United States and since that is where this website operates, those are the laws we follow. These acts are not to be taken light heartedly, prank or not. If innocent people are getting hurt due to these pranks, it is not amusing, and if you think that it is, please do not share that opinion here, and I also urge you to talk to a councilor.

Please don't take my post as choosing sides or attacking anybody. I have a responsibility to the site and to Kingman. Illegal activities have been discussed on other websites and those websites, whether aware of those discussions or not, have been subject to prosecution, which I will not let happen on this site. While I don't think this discussion is horrible, I need you (everyone) to understand my position and the reason for my post.
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