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Default Re: DANGER - bottle bombs - Public service warning

Originally Posted by Arias View Post
Uninspiring hmmm... I'm not trying to educate a nation. Informative, yes. I talk out of personal experience because it happened to a friend of mine. The bottle bomb took long to detonate and he went to pick it up to give it another shake and it blew right when he went to pick it up. As I said the only symptoms he suffered was temporary blindness until we took him in and ran water through his eyes and face.
Now as far as taking a video for 2 forum members who disagree with my public and personal opinion through a forum. Now that is insane.
Druid you need to settle down as this is not a debate nor a battle ground. Personal opinions are what forums are made of hence this post being filed under General Spyder Discussion. Educated, honest, and respectful opinions are what matter most.
Good for you...talking from "personal experience"......I don't care if you made a thousand of them and escaped unscathed in every instance.

The problem is not the fact that these devices might be "fun" when in some remote field...or country like...wherever......

......the problem is these morons are placing them in such a way that the ingredients don't react until the intended VICTIM moves them. That's Malicious Intent to Do Bodily Harm...meaning...the kids who are placing these devices FULLY INTEND TO HURT THE VICTIMS.

Perhaps if you took the time to realize the intent of my post, you might not have responded so "tongue in cheek" about it.
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