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Default Re: DANGER - bottle bombs - Public service warning

Originally Posted by Arias View Post
I used to make these when I was younger and let me tell you that they do not have enough force to blow off extremities.
Well now that would depend on the size of the device, now wouldn't it?
"Ladyfinger"...merely tickles your hand. On the other side of the coin...
""Silver Dollar"...takes you hand and throws it across he parking lot to tickle someone else when it lands on them...

That is just insane. It's just a plastic bottle not a grenade. There is no shrapnel to do any bodily harm. The worst case scenario would be it getting in your eyes which would probably cause temporary blindness. Nothing a little water can't fix.
It think it best you keep your uninspiring opinions to yourself until you do what leed asks:

Originally Posted by leed View Post
Perhaps not blow off extremities, but drano is a corrosive substance, and will burn. Not to mention, I imagine a plastic bottle an take some toll on human flesh near it if being held while it bursts.

Besides, it stands to reason to reason if that you won't take a video of you holding one while it going off, than I would imagine that you would not think it safe either.
'nuff said.
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