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Default Tachiro's "odds and ends" sale (updates)

Just liquidating some things I currently don't need.. uhh we'll see if this bites me in the *** later.

- free shipping
- lowballing shouldn't even be mentioned here... not at these prices
- Check this, if you can't see the picture anymore (broken link), it's either pending or SOLD!
- I'm a regular on MCB and techpb's unofficial chat so look for me there or ask someone about tachiro, i'm sure someone will recognize the name.
- other than that.. <dumping bag>

I usually don't bump my thread unless I've put up another item for sale.. so feel free to subscribe, maybe i'll just type the latest item instead of "bump"

TechT Spyder Hush Bolt (10' Electra/Pilot $30)
- New, didn't fit my gun so i'm selling it
- I also found out that it should fit an Alias intimidator body as well
TechT spyder hush bolt Alias compatibility - Intimidator Owners Group

Spyder VS balance valve body $15

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