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Default Re: The end is here..........

Back in the day around the time I got ~2500 shots to a 20oz.

Bought a MR1 frame, dug out my old cradle & ran it without a reg.

Built an adjustable stock, found my old bipod & slapped a 4oz on it.

Won PBN's SOTM in December 2009. Running dual Palmers & Freak barrel.

Won 2 more OTMs in March 2010. Put the KAPP cradle back on there, single palmer & AKALMP bolt/beaver tail. Also swaped to a 68ci tank for Co2.

Swapped out frames for a single trigger Bob Long frame. & swapped the 68ci tank for an 88ci.

Between that picture & now, I swapped out regulators again for dual Palmers, Fatty & Female. AKA front block, support collar & mini cocker ASA, AKALMP Jav. barrel, DYE double trigger frame & Mako E-Frame, maddman valve & warp feed.
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