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Default Oh.....Emmm....Geeee....!!!

Let me tell you, I have a newfound respect for blade makers and machinists.

I started this Day Wear Scottish Dirk project some time ago but I didn't like the "end result" so I decided to "make it right"......

I started out with a 2" x 24" hunk of 1/4" bar stock and shaped it down but didn't like the point. I even handled it with wood but again...I don't like the handle.

So I decided to change it. I put a longer edge on the blade [old edge was too "short"], made a "false edge" that didn't previously exist but could still use some work and now have a large enough piece of antler for the handle.

...and by the way, all this was done with a common FILE :shock: .....

1/4" thickness, false edge at the furthest end from you:

Full edge. It looks dark, almost like a "false edge' but trust me...she's sharp:


The antler I got for the handle:

Can I tell you how stiff and sore my right arm is??? However, I'm much happier with how this is turning out than what it looked like before.
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