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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
I like stretching to a point and I think about 1" is good. I'm at 10 ga (2.4mm) on my lowers and 12 ga (2mm) on my uppers, although I had a minor set back, my upper right earring hole got infected and I had to take it out, gonna have to start back at 18 ga I think. I don't think I personally will go any further than 4 ga, we'll see.
I told myself I'd stop at 00. And now look at me o_O haha. I also told myself no bigger than 1 inch and now I'm contemplating going past it. I'm stretching my septum to a 6g. I started at a 12 and waited for the healing time plus more and so I'm only sitting at a 10g atm. It'll take a couple months for me to be at a 6g, but I'm excited.

My lips are also 14g, but I plan on stretching those to a 10g. A 12g slides right in, I just need to get matching jewelry for them and I can put some 12g studs in them.
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